Where is the Air Conditioner Filter in Your Car?

Learn how to locate and replace your car's air conditioner filter with this step-by-step guide from CARS COM.

Where is the Air Conditioner Filter in Your Car?

Cabin air filters are located in the ducts that supply outside air to the HVAC system. On some cars, the filter is situated in the engine compartment, near the base of the windshield. In others, it is located under the dashboard or behind the glove compartment. Yours can be under the dashboard, usually on the passenger side.

Under-dash filters can often be removed without tools by simply opening a small access door. Under-hood filters may require other parts to be removed. To access them, you may need to remove the hood vent housing, wiper blades, washing bottle, or other items. See owner's service manual for specific details. CARS, COM The cabin air filter, a feature found in most late-model vehicles, cleans air entering the interior through the HVAC system.

It traps dust, pollen, and other airborne materials that can make traveling in a car unpleasant, especially if you have allergies or other respiratory problems. Do not wash with water to clean it. Washing with water has a greater risk of damaging the folds and the filter must be air dried without excess heat (such as a hair dryer), which can take a lot of precious time. However, even if you don't have these warnings, you should have your air filter checked at least once a year, and you may be able to do it yourself. However, like the engine air filter, the cabin filter can become clogged and affect the performance of your car's air conditioning system, as well as the quality of the air inside the vehicle.

Some signs that you need a new cabin air filter are reduced airflow through the climate control system, such as when you raise the fan too high and receive more noise than results. This is mainly due to its more popular and critical cousins, such as the oil filter, air filter and fuel filter. If you're asking “can I change my car's cabin air filter myself?” The answer is undoubtedly “yes”. Since the area under the dashboard is very narrow, it may take a little finesse to put the new air filter back in place. Before installing a new and new EnviroShield cabin air filter, vacuum the filter chamber and then clean it with a damp cloth to remove any residual contaminants. Other cabin air filters are located under the dashboard and may not be easily accessible, or under the hood, where fresh air enters the climate control system. Many cabin air filters are located behind the glove box and can be easily accessed by releasing the glove box from its fasteners; instructions should be in the car owner's manual.

Air filter, cabin air filter, cabin air filter maintenance, climate control, dust, filters. Most drivers probably don't think about their cabin air filter until the interior of their car starts to smell bad or an oil change shop employee adds one to their upsell list. Now that the sides are clear, you can unfold the entire glove box so you can see the front plate of the cabin air cleaner channel. Because it filters most of the air that enters your vehicle or is recirculated in your cabin, your cabin air filter will eventually fill with dust, soot, pollen and other particles. The easiest way to locate your car's cabin air filter is to consult your owner's manual but these filters are usually found in your passenger side footwell area. A dirty air conditioning filter will not only hinder your car's HVAC system but it will also dirty up your inside windshield and become a breeding ground for different germs and bacteria that will release an unpleasant musky smell inside your vehicle. If you tend to drive on dirty dusty roads or in heavily polluted areas cleaning your filter at least a couple of times a year before changing it can make a big difference since it will clog sooner in those conditions.

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